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  1. John Muto


    Happy 100 Birthday auntie Chiyo
    From the Boise Idaho Muto’s
    John, Mary Ann, Derek, Matt, & Alexis.

    • Kuni Nakao


      Happy Birthday Chiyo. I wish I was there with you.

  2. Chris Ashe

    Happy happy birthday to the best bridesmaid EVER!!

    Chris Ashe

  3. Kathryn Sato Song

    Dear Chiyo,

    Happy 100th Birthday! You are an amazing woman and I I have always admired you.

    Love from Barney and Masaye’s daughter,

  4. Bob Nakao


    Happy 100th Birthday, Auntie Chiyo. I miss those days when you and my Mom (Kuni) lived in Burbank. It was great fun taking you both out to breakfasts and dinners. Here’s Mom celebrating Christmas at the Nikkei Village. I know that she misses you. Our immediate (Nakao) family are spread out from VA to PA, but everyone is doing fine… and I know they all wish you a Happy Birthday! Bob

  5. Steven and Connie


    Wow and wow . . . Happy 100th Birthday Auntie Chiyo. Your smile says it all! All the best on your very special day.
    Love to you always.

  6. Jo Alice Hunter


    Hi Chiyo, we always had a great time celebrating many things. I also loved the many TRAIN RIDES. I love you and I know you will have a Happy Birthday.

  7. Henry Lewandowski


    Congratulations Mrs. Shibuya – 100 years is quite an accomplishment!
    Jeff and I were friends at Verdugo Hills High and I remember spending lots of time at your house. Jeff, Phil Jacobson and I would spend hours in Jeff’s bedroom listening to Jeff’s Motown record collection and you would come in and bring us sandwiches and snacks. I always remember you as a very nice lady with a smile on your face!
    Thanks for the memories and HAPPY 100TH BIRTHDAY!
    Henry and Janice Lewandowski

  8. Guy Lawrence


    Dear Chiyo, Happy 100th Birthday! you are an amazing women and have raised a wonderful family. All the very best wishes to you. It is an honor to know a Centenarian.
    Love Guy, Jacquie, Hayley and Natalie

  9. Sets Muto

    Sending Birthday greeting from Culver City to a special Aunt who is celebrating100 years of a great life. Chiyo I have so many wonderful memories and the ones that are especially special are the times you were able to come to our house on New Years for a good old fashion “mochi” celebration with all of us and the wonderful trip to Japan. You made the trip so enjoyable. Wishing you continued good health and many many more years. Love Sets & family

  10. The BB's, Candy, Suzy, Jill, Martha & Wendy


    Happy Birthday Chiyo from the BB’s who love you very much! You have brought a lot of joy to us and all those who have been blessed to know you during your 100 years of well lived and loved life! Cheers to “Cookie Days”, “Grandma Book Club” and more, we love you!! Suzy, Martha, Jill, Candy and Wendy

  11. Aya Mitsui


    100? Really? Happy Birthday Chiyo. I guess that means somebody will always be older than me!

  12. Cheryl & Joe


    Chiyo, Happy 100th birthday! We so enjoyed your pictures and your family history. We realized that you have probably had as many wonderful blessings in your life as you have days lived. What a great life you are living….you set the bar high! Much love and Birthday hugs, Joe, Cheryl and Cullen

  13. Cheryl & Joe


    Cheers to you Chiyo!!

  14. Wendy & Jeff Shibuya


    Chiyo/Mom, we feel so blessed to celebrate your centennial year with you. You have always maintained a cheerful outlook on life, with a smile that brightens ever day for all those around you. With hardly any complaining & managing to feel sunny even when the sun doesn’t shine, no wonder you are turning 100!!! With lots of love and birthday wishes, Happy Birthday from Wendy & Jeff

  15. Michele Shibuya


    Hey Auntie!!
    Happy happy birthday! 100! What a treasure!

    Hope we will see you soon. Mom and I will get up there soon. In the meantime enjoy all the love and memories coming your way!????

    Love you Auntie!

  16. Nancy Takeda Howard


    Happy Birthday Auntie Chiyo! It’s hard to believe that so many years have flown by. We have so many wonderful memories that you and all the aunts, uncles and cousins have created throughout the years. I can still hear mom speaking to you over the phone, sharing so much of our lives. Now the cousins have grown kids, and all are doing well. Matt is doing wonderfully. I wish you could see him perform. He’s achieved more than I would have hoped for.

  17. Brian Mitsui


    Happy Birthday Auntie Chiyo… we’re proud to introduce you to the newest member of the Mitsui clan, Emily (Cory & Kim’s). We love you and wish we were there to celebrate the Big 100!!! Hoping to see you soon.

    Love Brian and Joanne (yay!!! we’re grandparents), Cory, Kim, Emily and Joey

  18. Jill Doepel

    Happy 100th Birthday to a wonderful lady with a beautiful smile!

  19. Candice Abbott

    It is such a joy to celebrate your 100th Birthday. Have a wonderful time with family and friends!

  20. Suzy and Pat Riordan

    HAPPY 100th BIRTHDAY CHIYO! You have lived an amazing and interesting life. Your sweet smile and cheerful nature are an inspiration to all of us who have had the pleasure of knowing you. Have a wonderful time celebrating this important milestone with family and friends.
    Love, The Riordan family

  21. barb lord


    Dear Chiyo,

    Here’s to 100 years of good living! Keep on Trucking as they say. So nice to meet and know you and Wendy and Jeff through Merrill Gardens. I know my mom will be celebrating your day in spirit also. Much love,

    Barb Lord

    photo taken by Wendy

  22. Martha and Rick MacKinnon

    HAPPY 100TH BIRTHDAY, DEAR CHIYO! Wishing you much love, joy, and happiness on your birthday. May you be surrounded by loved ones and appreciated for all that you are! We’ve never been able to wish anyone a Happy 100th Birthday before, so this is an honor, delight, and privilege to share that wish with you! You are an inspiration to all of us who have had the pleasure to know you! Fondly, Martha and Rick MacKinnon

  23. Mary Hashimoto

    Congratulations on your 100th birthday! Now have 10 grandkids and a great granddaughter soon to arrive. I remember your wedding at Ge-chan and Ba-chan’s house in San Fernando. You wore a powder blue suit with a white hat and I remember thinking how pretty you looked. Wishing you great health and many more birthdays. Love your niece, Michi (Mary Hashimoto)

  24. Julie Shibuya


    Happy 100th Birthday! Will be there to help celebrate and so glad you made this goal! In honor of you hitting the century mark, I’m participating in a quilting challenge to make 100 modern quilt blocks in 100 days (see Instagram jewelsshibuya). May you enjoy this special day and many more!
    Love, Tom and Julie

  25. Julie Shibuya


    Tom & Julie enjoying the Napa sunshine last October.

  26. Nephew Kevin


    Happy Birthday Auntie Chiyo. you have always been the sweetest, happiest person who always made everyone around her smile. God Bless you. We love you, The San Diego Shibs.

  27. Sherry Matsuura


    Happy 100th Birthday Auntie!! It was so nice to be able to visit with you in Renton. You look great and it made me very happy to spend some time with you. My whole family sends their birthday greetings as well.

  28. Sherry Matsuura


    This picture is one that I took from the original on your wall!

  29. Scott Shibuya


    Auntie Chiro,
    Congrats on your 100th. One of my fondest memories is spending sleepovers at the Muto Carnation Farm. Being an inter-city kid it was a special treat learning about the rural life. One favorite memory was bathing in the Japanese Tub.
    My father Danny felt very thankful because you and Uncle George took care of him as a teenager.
    Here’s to your your good health and continued longevity.
    Love, Scott and Linda

    We are sending you a picture of four generations of Danny Shibuyas to match your four generations of George Shibuyas.

  30. Kris Nakaoka


    Happy 100th Birthday, Aunty Chiyo!
    Kris, Scott, Mike, and Taylor Nakaoka

  31. Faith Shibuya


    Happy 100th Birthday, Aunty Chiyo!
    Celebrating one hundred years of life and love and laughter are accomplishments.
    Today is special. The candles say 100 but you really mean so much to your family and friends. You are a gift of life.
    Love and Aloha,
    Steve, Faith, and John Shibuya

  32. Faith Shibuya


    Here’s another picture.

  33. Faith Shibuya


  34. Keri Nakao Fugarolas


    Happy birthday, Auntie Chiyo!!

  35. Patti Mitsui


    Happy Birthday Auntie Chiyo. Have a great day! Hope you have a good time connecting with everyone on your birthday page! If you want a good laugh check out your silly niece and her husband wishing you happy birthday in this music video:

    Much love on your birthday,
    Patti (Mitsui) and Geoff (Westen)

  36. Mallory


    happy birthday to you!!!
    sending best wishes & birthday hugs…
    mick & mal

  37. Keiko Kosaka


    Aunty Chiyo, HAPPY 100TH BIRTHDAY!!
    Sending you love, congratulations, and best wishes on this milestone in your life. May this day be filled with sunshine and smiles, laughter and love.
    Love from the Kosaka Family,
    Mits, Keiko, Lisa, Christian, Emi(9), Jeff, Christle and Keanu(23 Months)

  38. KC and Ryan


    Happy Birthday Grandma!!! You are so GENKI!! I hope you have an amazing birthday! Can’t wait to celebrate with you! You have a lot of candles to blow out, I hope you have been practicing! 😉

  39. Linda Farbstein


    Happy 100th Birthday Mom, I wouldn’t be here without you! Love Linda

  40. Randall Shibuya


    Happy birthday Auntie Chico! What a milestone you have achieved! We are so happy for you. We all send our love from Hawaii. Mom often inquires about you and sends her happy regards. Aloha to all our cousins and relatives in California!
    Randy, Joanie, Keari and Casey Shibuya

  41. Randall Shibuya


    Aloha from Bali. July 2017



    Grandma Chiyo, how do I love thee…. hmmm let me count the ways. There are way more than 100 but I am sure there is some kind of word count limit on this! Happy Birthday to you times infinity. I am so grateful for who you are in my life today and who you have been for me over the course of my life. To me, you embody a balance of effortless beauty, the history of our family, the power of a well timed joke and the healing qualities of a genuine smile. I cannot praise you enough for the value that you have contributed to my life! So cheers to you Grandma, I love you to the edge of the universe and back. Here’s to a 100 more 😉



    One more just because I love this photo and I love you! This was taken on the day that I came to take photos of you for the mural project 🙂

  44. Mallory


    May your light from within continue to shine brightly. MAKE A WISH!

    Our birthday wish for you today is that all your wishes are granted! Sending hugs across the miles…
    mick & mal

  45. Vicki Serrano

    Happy Birthday Chiyo. You’re a young 100 if I ever saw one. They make you use that walker just to slow you down a bit..I’ve enjoyed your company in the short time I’ve known you; and wish you many more great birthdays. You have a wonderful, loving family & you all blessed to have one another.
    “Here’s To You Chiyo”
    Affectionately, Vicki Serrano

  46. Alex


    Happy birthday, grandma! You’re such an inspiration to all of us. Happy 100, and I hope that you have many more. Love, ALex

  47. Nancy Brophy


    Happy Birthday Chiyo from the Brophy and Endow families!

  48. Kenji


    Happy birthday GREAT grandma!! I am so glad that I get to hang out with you and your cat Millie 🙂 I can’t wait to celebrate with you!! I love you!

  49. Lori Moran


    Here’s hoping that your very special day was filled with so much joy, laughter, happiness, love, and blessings that it overflows and spills into your 101st Birthday!
    When I think of my GREAT AUNTY CHIYO, my heart smiles! You have touched soooo many lives around you, and brightened them with your kind, sweet and gentle spirit! Please know today, tomorrow, and always that you are loved and cherished!!

    With our love, Lori (Mary Michi Hashimoto’s daughter), Bill, Robyn, Jenny, and Carly Moran

  50. Eva Overturf

    Happy 100th birthday Chiyo!
    May God continue blessing you today and always. When I joined AEOE LAUSD you welcomed me with open arms. I will always remember your sweet spirit.

    We love you,
    Richard and Eva Overturf
    Inglewood California

  51. Everett and Gladys


    Birthday greetings from Carpinteria as we send our best wishes to you on this very special occasion. We have some great memories of you visiting our farm, now a fourth generation flower growing operation. (We’re standing in the dahlia field.)

    • Everett and Gladys


      Sorry, wrong attachment.

  52. Alpha Martial Arts


    Birthday wishes found on Instagram from a local business who has enjoyed Grandma Chiyo’s mural off of the Burke Gilman Trail in Seattle by University Village. So very special, Thank you!!

  53. Seattle Fukushima Club

    The Seattle Fukushima Club wishes you a very Happy 100th Birthday!